Specialist craniosacral treatment for people with ME, CFS, Fibromyalgia and Post Viral Syndrome.
Chronic Fatigue Clinic
Viola Sampson RCST
Craniosacral therapy can be particularly beneficial for people with chronic fatigue conditions because it works gently to build up health and vitality and enables deep rest and recovery.
Treatment is supportive and holistic, and follows the priorities and pace that your body determines. This makes craniosacral therapy well suited to people who have clusters of symptoms unique to themselves, and for those who have fragile and sensitive systems.
Many people feel some immediate relief from symptoms, including muscle and joint pain or anxiety. After a few sessions, people can soon notice differences in their sleep patterns and ability to rest deeply and allow health to build. Sustained progress can take several months, and I constantly review our treatment approach, looking at what additional factors we can introduce to support your therapeutic process.
My own experience of ME over several years, led me to try a wide variety of different therapeutic approaches, and I trained in craniosacral therapy as I found the treatment to be central to my recovery.
With this personal experience, together with ongoing, focussed professional development, I offer specialist craniosacral treatments for those with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (ME), Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Fibromyalgia, Post Viral Syndrome and other chronic fatigue conditions.
For more information on my treatment approach, please read more and look through information sheets that I offer to support the craniosacral work.
I offer specialist clinical supervision to craniosacral therapists, and other complementary health professionals, working with clients with fatigue conditions.
After running the specialist lowcost ME/CFS clinic for five years, I have now handed over to my colleague Rosemary Duffy and so I no longer take on lowcost CFS/ME clients.
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Appointments: 020 7704 6900
Registered craniosacral therapist in Islington, North London – easily accessible from Angel, Highbury, Holloway and Finsbury Park
Please note: With conditions such as chronic fatigue it is especially important to carry out medical tests
– to rule out other medical conditions, even if a diagnosis of ME or CFS is not given.
Craniosacral therapy is not considered a substitute for conventional western medicine, although people often invest in treatment having exhausted all that the NHS and conventional medicine has to offer them.
The information in this website reflects my professional experiences as a craniosacral practitioner, my own opinions and the opinions of others. It is intended to complement, rather than replace, conventional medical advice and care.
Craniosacral therapy can work well alongside other forms of medicine.
I will never ask you to stop any medication, and I am happy to work  alongside, or in collaboration with, other practitioners, including your GP.