Following the priorities and pace of your body, craniosacral therapy offers a gentle yet profound treatment.
Craniosacral therapy
Viola Sampson RCST BCST
Craniosacral therapy is a supportive and holistic approach to health and vitality.
Using a light touch, the therapist listens to the body’s deeper rhythms and tides that express health. The therapist may hold your head (cranium) or place their hands at the base of your spine (sacrum). You may feel pleasant sensations, such as warmth, tingling or deep relaxation.
Craniosacral therapy (also called cranial) is suitable for people of all ages and for those with acute, chronic or fragile conditions.
Rather than just treating symptoms, craniosacral therapy works with the underlying health, and so I find many conditions typically respond well to treatment, including migraines, RSI, depression, anxiety, fatigue disorders, back pain and rheumatic conditions.
In my practice, I have seen craniosacral therapy support recovery from burnout,  shock and traumatic experiences. People choose craniosacral therapy to support recovery from injuries, such as whiplash, and for support before and after surgery and dental treatment.
I have also seen that many find cranial work helpful in restoring digestive health, restful sleep, emotional wellbeing and overall vitality.
Cranial osteopathy and
craniosacral therapy
People often ask what the difference is between a cranial osteopath and a craniosacral therapist. As craniosacral therapy emerged from osteopathy, the short answer is that they are very similar, and over the years, the practices have informed each other.
Whether treatment offered by a cranial osteopath or a craniosacral therapist differs greatly, or not, depends on the practitioner, their training and their individual approach.
Viola Sampson is a registered craniosacral therapist practicing in North London,
at the
Healthy Living Centre
in Islington.
For appointments, please call 020 7704 6900.
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Wild fermentation workshops
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Organic beauty care
I am a Neal’s Yard Remedies consultant, so I can support my clients to make informed decisions about their beauty products. You can purchase these here.
Appointments: 020 7704 6900
Viola Sampson is a registered craniosacral therapist in Islington, North London
– easily accessible from Angel, Highbury, Holloway, Finsbury Park
and Hertfordshire rail stations
Craniosacral therapy is not considered a substitute for conventional western medicine, although people often invest in treatment having exhausted all that the NHS and conventional medicine has to offer them. The information in this website reflects my professional experiences as a craniosacral practitioner, my own opinions and the opinions of others.
Craniosacral therapy is intended to complement, rather than replace, conventional medical advice and care. I am always happy to work alongside conventional medical practitioners, including your GP, as well as psychotherapists and other complementary therapists, and I welcome collaboration at your request.