Workshops for natural healthcare practitioners, food lovers and others,
on the microbiome
and health.
The human microbiome
and the art of lactofermentation
Extraordinary new discoveries about the community of beneficial fungi, viruses and bacteria, living deep within and around the human body, have important ramifications for practitioners in conventional and complementary medicine alike.
Disruptions in this microscopic community, known as the human microbiome, are now implicated in a multitude of conditions – from digestive disorders such as IBS and Crohn’s, to inflammatory and autoimmune diseases such as rheumatism and ME/CFS, from autism and chronic lung conditions, to cancers and even mental health. However, just as we’re realising its significance, we realise it is threatened by our lifestyle choices and even standard medical practices.
Having worked with bacteria in the laboratory, this is now an area of special interest for me in my craniosacral practice. I enjoy running workshops for natural healthcare practitioners, exploring what these new discoveries mean for our practice and our understanding of health and healing. I also host an email discussion group for complementary therapists who have attended my workshops and are now integrating this area of work into their practice.
Here's what people are saying
about these workshops:
...such a rich combination of knowledge, practical application, easy delivery and technical proficiency” “Awesome.”
"Good to have people from mixed professions all contributing. The discussion brought it all together and then I got excited about it all!"
"I liked the relaxed environment."
"Your presentation, vitality and passion is absolutely contagious!"
I also run workshops on lactofermentation as a way to replenish your microbiome with beneficial bacteria. I advertise these, and the microbiome workshops, on my facebook page.
Learn the art and kitchen science of lactofermentation, and all you need to know to make your own naturally probiotic pickles.
Information and ongoing support for people who have come to my lactofermentation workshops.
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