Introducing Rosemary Duffy
After five years of running the fatigue clinic offering specialist craniosacral treatment to people with ME/CFS, I have now handed over my lowcost work to Rosemary Duffy (pictured above). I continue to offer full fee sessions, for people with fatigue conditions.
Since graduating as a craniosacral therapist in 2005, Rosemary has practised privately and at Lambeth Hospital's Gateway Clinic. She has a special interest in offering craniosacral therapy as a resource for ME/CFS as, having suffered from ME for many years, she found this very gentle approach to the condition to be extremely helpful. 
The lowcost clinic is an important resource for people with ME/CFS, so even though I interviewed several excellent craniosacral therapists, and Rosemary was clearly the right practitioner to take over this role, it wasn't an easy decision to close this part of my practice. I gave each of my current lowcost clients three months' notice, while offering everyone a handover to Rosemary of our work together. If you had lowcost sessions previously in the fatigue clinic and would like me to hand over your case to Rosemary, please do let me know. 
To book a session with Rosemary, please call 
020 7704 6900.
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Tuesday, 1 October 2013