Connect and share: my new facebook page
I have now launched my new craniosacral page on facebook! When you ‘Like’ this page, you can keep in touch with the latest breakthroughs in craniosacral therapy and natural healthcare, as well as find out about local health news, share vouchers and offers.
We wanted to provide an informal resource for people wanting to spread the word about the benefits of this little known therapy, and to make it easier for people to find a therapist through word of mouth. So a few craniosacral practitioners have linked our pages together, and each page has a recommendations box for people to leave testimonials so that people can hear how others have found craniosacral therapy and more about the practitioner.
I will also be sharing news and inspiration, such as new research showing how meditation changes brain structure, which shows the potential for craniosacral treatment when people often access deep meditative states. You can easily share these with your friends and let them know about the benefits of craniosacral therapy. 
Saturday, 8 September 2012