Privacy and my facebook page
I take client confidentiality seriously and respect people’s varied preferences with regards to their online privacy. Here are a few useful details about your privacy if you Like or comment on my page:
    •    It is not possible for other facebook users to see the full list of who has Liked my Page, although they will be able to see which of their Friends Like it.
    •    Depending on your privacy settings, the fact that you have Liked a Page may appear on your profile, timeline or newsfeed.
    •    All posts to my page are public, and so may appear in subscribers’ newsfeeds and the newsfeeds of the Friends of the person who posted.
    •    Liking my page does not give me, or anyone else, access to your facebook profile, and is not an endorsement of my practice.
In the interests of client confidentiality and trust, I have outlined my commitment to my conduct online in a new social media policy, that I will publish here at the end of January.
Facebook privacy settings are continually changing. For more on Facebook and your privacy, see here:
Tuesday, 8 January 2013