Social media policy
The spread of social media is making the internet a public place – in some ways like a high street, a party, or a professional setting, such as a conference, where I may meet a client between sessions.
Social media is still a new area for complementary therapy, and I take client confidentiality and trust seriously, so I have outlined my commitments to my conduct online in a Social Media Policy, so that clients can know what to expect from me in any interactions on my professional facebook page, or elsewhere online.
My hope is that having this policy accessible on my website will also help avoid certain situations, where for example, a client might feel personally rejected when I do not accept a facebook Friend request, or when I reply only briefly to a post online. Of course these situations can always be discussed in sessions.
My full social media policy is be available as a pdf here, and a summarised version of it can be viewed here on facebook. I welcome responses and feedback to this policy during sessions or by email.
For more details on facebook privacy regarding Liking my facebook page to subscribe to my regular posts, please see here.
Social media is still relatively new to complementary therapy and I am happy for other practitioners to adapt this policy to their own practices and preferences, and to give me feedback. If this work provides a basis for a practitioner’s own policy, an acknowledgement, or link to this page, would be welcome. For more on social media and therapy, I recommend Dr Keely Kolmes’ article here.
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